A Passion for Education

It was my pleasure this week to meet another woman with a passion for education.  Janet Pilcher is the Senior Leader and Founder of EducatorReady.com, an organziation that coaches leaders of teachers on how to provide an environment that supports and enables excellence in teaching.  

Janet became a high school math teacher in part because she loved tennis and wanted to coach!  It didn’t take long until she realized that much of what works in coaching is also required to be a good teacher:  Individual guidance, shared success, encouragement when things got tough, and commitment to help her proteges become the best they could be.  It all makes so much sense.  

You would be impressed with Janet’s many publications, her PhD., her stints as a college professor, dean, and director of a prestigious learning innovations group even if you never met her in person.  But you really catch her passion for being smart about education and educators if, like I did, you get to enjoy a cup of coffee with her.  

It is pretty easy these days to join the chorus of woe-mongers who only see what keeps us from success in education.  I refuse to do that, and so does Janet. There are no magic bullets that will easily and instantaneously turn out droves of intellectually stimulated students who can out-test the rest of the world while out-innovating our own historical ingenuity.   What we do know is that the single most predictive indicator of student success is the quality of the educator at the front of the classroom, and those educators work better when their leaders know how to build an environment in which great educators and great education thrives.

People with a passion for education almost always have a passion for educators.  After all, the two are inseparable.  Check out the work Janet is doing at EducatorReady.com and their sister website, TeacherReady.org.  Better yet, download her newsletter to learn more about what teachers need and deserve.  If you have a passion for education as I do, you’ll be happy to learn that we are not alone.


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