Captain Mathinator and Who’s Counting at Hutchinson Elementary

A class of chatty, excited 2nd graders welcomed Captain Mathinator and his nemesis the Sneaky Subtractor to Hutchinson Elementary a few weeks back.

Accompanied by TPR Head Honcho Debra Hansen and her marvelous classroom consultant, Annie, the plush Whozits met and mingled with their adoring public while the class enjoyed Captain Mathinator and the Mystery of the Modified Monument, read aloud in a stirring performance by the Head Honcho.

After recess, the class was split into three groups of six students to learn and play Who’s Counting. The multiplication and division operator cards were removed to tailor the game exactly to the players’ ability level, and each group found ways to further customize the gameplay experience to suit themselves. In one group, players opted not to use scorecards, but to make remembering and computing their scores mentally part of the challenge of the game. When Debra’s score fell into negative numbers, she and her group used a number line to explore negative numbers. Annie’s group opted to allow a “Good Samaritan” move: anyone could play a stop card on behalf of a friend facing a red card.

By the time the Whozits and their handlers left, all of the students were clamoring to know when they could play Who’s Counting again.

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Sound like fun? Want to know how to arrange a visit from the Whozits to your classroom? Email us at and schedule an appearance by Captain Mathinator to jump-start your back-to-school math skills review!

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