Common Core

Using Who’s Counting™ to Align with the Common Core Standards

Math skills game Who’s Counting™ is a fun, engaging way to teach math strategies and align with the Common Core Standards. Who’s Counting™ encourages students to apply math facts knowledge and mental math skills in an exciting and collaborative environment.


Standard components required in all domains, Pre-K to Grade 12:

1. Literacy: The characters in Who’s Counting™ are quirky, lovable, and sometimes a little naughty. Try stimulating your students’ creativity by using these characters in… read more  about standard components required: Pre-K to Grade 12.


Standard components specific to the Math domain:

1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them: Students are not penalized for math errors, so they can focus exclusively on the process for finding… read more about standard components specific to the Math domain.

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