Meet the Team

Debra Hansen

Head Honcho

Debra is the head honcho and inspirational instigator of Teacher’s Professional Resource— the creator and heart of a fantastic company where laughter and creativity define the employees, the products, and most importantly, the boss. After serving as the CFO for an international software company, it’s safe to say Debra’s business brain is fine-tuned. While she enjoyed her years as an accomplished corporate champion, Debra found her greatest joy in the days she spent as a music teacher, a children’s choir director, and a gregarious green-thumbed gardener. Her passion for education, heart for music, and knowledge of business make it no wonder that the Whozits recruited Debra as their plenipotentiary of mathematical passion. Debra shares her joy in music with the Muzits, a close cousin of the Whozits, except they multiply and divide musical notes which results in musical musings like the hemidemisemiquavers—a favorite of Debra’s.  She’s good at things like counting, patterns, and dividing things by four. These are her favorite fractions, though she prefers to dance to 5/8. Should you care to inquire about hemidemisemiquavers, you can e-mail Debra at



Amy Benitez

Order of Operations Enforcer

With her talent for this, that and everything, Amy is the disquinistioner of dialogue and the defender of debits in the land of the Whozits. Trading in the chicken tractor of her childhood for a more eccentric (or do we mean concentric?) creativity, Amy sometimes appears incognito as the relationship-seeking equals sign when the Whozits make classroom visits.  With her trademark smile and dedication to fun, she spins the stories, balances the books, and remits the receipts that keep us legal.   (Although Whozits love to calculate their taxes, they don’t see the significance of sending them in. The joy is simply in doing the math, you see.) Want to know what a chicken tractor is? E-mail Amy at





Elizabeth Schwemlein

Coordinator of Communications and Maximizer of Marketing

As a marathon-running mom of three young boys, Liz is surrounded by a general chaos that can only be ordered by math (dividing time, subtracting nuisance, adding creativity and multiplying fun). With Liz’s love for creativity, adventure and learning it is no wonder that the Whozits found her to be good company.  Her preference for people takes on a plethora of permutations as she goes about her mission ensuring math facts are learned and the Whozits are loved far and wide. She spends her days in Wherezit managing marketing mechanisms, reflecting on research, talking with teachers, coordinating with consumers and swimming in social media. If you have questions about training for the next Mount Mathmore Marathon or wish to welcome the Whozits to your school for a visit, please contact Liz at



Lindsay Wyberneit

Administrative Accelerator

Lindsay is the epitome of efficient organization enforcement for the Whozits. She spends her time filing functions, subtracting scraps and controlling chaos. Lindsay is a master of time-management and uses her variety of skills to keep order in the land of Wherezit. She is truly a superhero in her own right. She often goes by Magnificent Methodizer. Lindsay is a South African multilingual mother of two. She speaks fluent French and German in addition to English. Lindsay commiserates often with the Whatzits about her love for words. She is also akin with the Whozits with her love for order, symmetry and solutions (none of which would be possible without math!). If you have questions about the German translation for “the transitive property of equality,” please email Lindsay at


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