Meeting the Common Core State Standards

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There are two sets of math Common Core State Standards. The first type is the Standards for Mathematical Practice. (And, no, those standards don’t just refer to practicing basic math facts, although your kids will get plenty of mental math facts practice while playing Who’s Counting.) We’re talking about the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice that are the same for all students in grades K-12. These are the practices teachers (just like you!) are striving to develop in their students. These practices make well versed, flexible math thinkers ready to tackle any problem in real life.


The second type of math Common Core State Standards are both content- and grade-specific and called the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Content. Kids trying to save the land of Wherezit from the Green Goo will absolutely be meeting some of those standards, too, especially in relation to math fact fluency.


With Who’s Counting, you can say how easy it is to…


  1. Develop the Standards of Mathematical Practice.
  2. Create opportunities for your students to master those standards.


If you want to read the Whozit’s cartoon version of Who’s Counting and the Standards of Mathematical Practice, click on the thumbnails above.


If you’re looking for the facts and just the facts, we’ve summarized those for you, too. Read more»


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