Placing a Purchase Order for Who’s Counting

Who’s Counting comes in 3 convenient configurations…

Box with cards

ClassPack: $69.99. Accommodates up to 24 players.  Includes online access to our premium teacher materials.
MultiPack: $39.99. Accommodates up to 12 players. Includes online access to our premium teacher materials.
Classic: $19.99. Accommodates up to 6 players. Online access limited to basic materials.


Learn more about Who’s Counting.

Learn more about Who’s Counting and the Common Core State Standards.s


Order Who’s Counting online right now.

(Did you receive a Who’s Counting postcard in the mail? Don’t forget to use the promo code when you place your order!)


Order Who’s Counting with a school purchase order

(The Whozits’ Associative Law for Getting Along with a School’s Purchasing Department)

  • You can send us a school purchase order via email or USPS. We cannot ship product based on a purchase order number alone. We must receive an official purchase order before product can be shipped.
  • If you need a proforma before a purchase order can be issued, please contact or (303) 969-0532 with a request.
  • You can also send us a prepaid order by USPS by sending a school check to the address below. If you need an invoice to request a school check, please contact us via phone or email and we will provide it for you.
  • Whether you order and prepay via school check or submit a school purchase order, make sure to include which configurations you would like, how many of each, and a phone number where we can reach you.


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