Policies & Gobbledygook

Policies and Gobbledygook: Our Orders of Operations

The Whozits’™ experience with legal endeavors and laws has up to this point been limited to extensive study of the commutative, associative, and distributive properties. However, they have been advised by the Whatzit Ambassador to include certain legal mumbo-jumbo on their website to help their dealings with humans to run as smoothly as possible.

The Whozits™ Commutative Law of Reverse Revenue (Returns)

We only accept returns for damaged products.
Damaged product can be returned for a replacement product. We pay return shipping. If your product is damaged in shipping, please call us at 303.969.0532 or email us at WhozInCharge@teachersprofessionalresource.com and we’ll arrange to ship your replacement product.

The Whozits™ Associative Laws for Getting Along with a School’s Purchasing Department

You can send us a school purchase order via email or USPS for orders exceeding $500. We cannot ship product based on a purchase order number alone.
You can also send us a prepaid order by USPS by sending a school check to the address below. If you need an invoice to request a school check, please contact us via phone or email and we will provide it for you.
Whether you order and prepay via school check or submit a school purchase order, make sure to include how many of each item you would like, which editions or sizes you are ordering, if applicable, and a phone number where we can reach you if we have any questions.

We need about 7 business days plus delivery time to ship out orders placed via purchase order or prepaid via school check.

Who’s Counting™ can be ordered in special configurations to meet your class size. To learn about special configurations, or for help with special purchasing circumstances, please call or email us.

The Whozits™ Distributive Law of Not Distributing Your Private Information

We don’t sell or share our email or address lists, PERIOD.

We’re too busy in the Whozit Factory to annoy you with endless emails

We need your contact information so that we can help you if you have a problem and get in touch with you if we have any questions regarding your orders or idea submissions. That’s why those fields are often required.
You can unsubscribe to our newsletters or other promotional information at any time. We hope you’ll find our newsletter so entertaining you’ll want to get every issue, but if not, just send us an email with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line. Please allow 7 business days to remove you from our mailing list.

The Whozit Rubric on Sharing Your Ideas

Your ideas are your property, and we will always respect your ownership.
If you submit an idea, we will call you to talk about it. If we like it and think we can make a good product with it, we will talk to you about a contract to produce your idea. If we can’t use your idea, we’ll tell you that, too.
We can only offer to put unique, specific ideas under contract. General suggestions such as “create a board game that teaches spelling” or “turn Who’s Counting™ into a video game” are not detailed enough or unique enough for us to put under contract, so though we appreciate and welcome general suggestions for improvements to our products or areas you’d like to see us develop, we regret that we cannot compensate you if Teacher’s Professional Resource implements a change or an initiative along the lines of a suggestion you offered. An idea for a game that teaches spelling that is accompanied by a unique game-play plan, set of rules, distinctive characters/setting, or other characteristics that mark it as an original, clearly defined idea is the kind of idea we might offer a contract for, and the kind of idea you maintain ownership of if you decide not to accept a contract with us.
Sometimes, more than one teacher may submit the same idea. If your idea or one very similar to it has already been submitted by someone else, we will not be able to discuss a contract with you unless the first submitter chooses not to enter into contract on the idea.
Finally, although the Whozits™ and their friends can be lots of fun to write about, they already have a commitment to the success of Teacher’s Professional Resource and are under contract with us. While you can make suggestions about the kinds of adventures you’d like to see them enjoy, we can’t pay you for contributions or ideas featuring the Whozits™.

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