The Saga of the Sneaky Subtractor

Sneaky Subtractor Running

The Sneaky Subtractor is at it again. Instead of subtracting your points, like he does in Who’s Counting, Sneaky is subtracting triangle weeds, ice cream carts, and even a peculiarly purple two-pay. Wreaking havoc on the Whozits, the Sneaky Subtractor makes this rhyming biography a laugh-a-page classroom favorite. Below you’ll find some helpful (free!) tools and tips that you can use in your classroom to make The Saga of the Sneaky Subtractor as educational as it is fun!

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The Whozit creatures are good at one thing and one thing only— math! Join the Whozits for a mathy biography of the most controversial Whozit of all— the Sneaky Subtractor. You see, in the land of Whozit, that one shoe you just can’t find probably isn’t missing at all. No, it’s far more likely that it has been subtracted.

Full color illustrations, hidden Whozit activities, discussion questions, and a little math humor are found with the turn of every page.




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Discussion Questions

The Saga of the Sneaky Subtractor: Discussion Questions (Grades 3-5)

Coming Soon: Grades K-2 Study Questions and Teacher Answer Keys.

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