Standard components required Pre-K to Grade 12

Standard components required in all domains, Pre-K to Grade 12:

    1. Literacy: The characters in Who’s Counting™ are quirky, lovable, and sometimes a little naughty. Try stimulating your students’ creativity by using these characters in storytelling activities.
    2. Technology: Who’s Counting™ helps kids practice their mental math skills, but you can easily incorporate technology during or after each game. Have the students check the calculations on their score pads using a calculator, or ask them to use a computer to write a story about the Whozits™ or a journal entry about math strategies they have learned.
    3. Writing: Application and reflection activities can help solidify students’ learning. After students apply their math strategies in a round of Who’s Counting™, ask them to reflect in writing: What were the three best strategies you used? What strategies were the easiest/most challenging to use? What is something new you learned about math strategies or math facts?
    4. Speaking and listening: It is very difficult to strengthen communication skills with flashcards and worksheets. With Who’s Counting™, students must use math-related jargon during every round. The verbal aspect of the game gives students the opportunity to practice explaining and defending their solutions, as well as challenging others’ solutions.
    5. Collaboration: It’s also hard to find teaching tools that encourage collaboration. For Who’s Counting™, collaboration is fundamental. Because the game is a physical, interactive card game, it is more natural for students to work in teams to find solutions and check each other’s calculations.   Return to Common Core

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