STEMazing Summer Camps 2017

2017 Camp Descriptions

Moving with Math Grades 2-4 M-F June 5-9 Mornings 8:30-12:00

Forget sitting around doing worksheets or flashcards. Math gets a makeover in this camp with games, scavenger hunts, relay races, and more. Your kids will come home tired but mathy! For kids entering grades 2 through 4.



The Science of Music Grades 3-6 M-F June 12-16 Mornings 8:30-12:00

Learn about the science of sound and music by creating musical instruments and performing. How does a zither differ from a guitar? Is a glass harmonica played like a regular harmonica? What happens when we sing? This hands-on camp is great for kids entering grades 3-6 who love music or science or both.



All New! – Better Brains Through Building  Grades 3-6     M-F July 10-14 Mornings 8:30-12:00

Kids love to build stuff, but just this once, forget the molded bricks and plastic connectors.  Yes, we’re using real hammers, real wood, and we’re building real stuff!  Design it, build it, and finish it.  The projects are all new, so if your brain got better through building last year, you’ll love it even more this year. For boys and girls entering grades 3 through 6.



Circuits, Transmitters, & Diodes: Oh, My! Grades 3-6M-F July 24-28 Mornings 8:30-12:00

Here’s your chance to learn the basics about what powers your favorite electronic devices. Then, start building. Make a solar AM radio transmitter, a paperclip oscillator, even your own electric games. We’ve added Snap Circuits this year so there will be even more fun projects to complete. Perfect for boys and girls entering grades 3 through 6.


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