"Who’s Counting" at the CHEC Conference

Teacher’s Professional Resource, LLC and the Whozits turned out in full-force for the annual Christian Home Educators of Colorado conference, held June 14-16 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. In addition to promoting their award-winning math game “Who’s Counting,” the folks at Teacher’s Professional Resource also hosted a coloring contest for the youngest conference attendees to enjoy. The contest was open to competitors ages 2 and up, and drew more than a dozen participants. Awards were given for the top three entries in each age bracket, with the first-place (or “High Whozit Award” winner) in each group winning a copy of “Who’s Counting.” Chocolate bars were given out to winners of the “I for Imagination” and “Awe-sum Artwork” awards in each age division. Below are some of our favorites from the winners’ circle!
High Whozit Award winners: 
Sarah, age 6-
Peytan, age 11-

 Christian, age 13-

Honorable mentions: 
Alisha, age 9-

 Alexia, age 13-

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, and to everyone who visited our booth and played “Who’s Counting” (TM) with us! 

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