Who’s Counting Update

We got the art back today for the graphics on the cards. They looked really great and we re very excited about what we think the final results will look like. Currently there will be a theme throughout the cards, instructions, and packaging. This will be similar to other games but we think a little more fun and age/gender neutral. As to the colors of the cards we are undecided, but we know they will be bright and fun.

We also got back the revisions for the game rules today from the editor. This is fantastic, now we need to look at different printers and costs. India is a serious consideration at this point because of low costs. After looking at some local printers we quickly discovered that there are very high minimum orders to cover their overhead. These standards don’t exist in India or are not as stringent and may make things easier.

Things are moving along quite well for “Who’s Counting”


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