Who’s Counting

Video by Cinema Raven

Meet the Whozits…

A shy, math-loving people, the Whozits were unprepared for the vile, terrible substance created one fateful night in a laboratory mishap. How could Bond the scientist have known that the seemingly trivial mistake of adding a dash of cherry pie instead of mathematical pi to an ancient formula would result in the creation of the Green Goo? Now, with the Green Goo swallowing every Whozit, Pirat and Multiplication Mole in its path, the Whozits and their home of Wherezit are in danger!

By summoning their most powerful mathematical strategies, your students can save the Whozits from the Green Goo.


Cherry Pi Pie


About the Math Game…

Don’t count on the resident math whiz winning this mental math facts card game. Players create expressions to earn points and strategically play colorful and durable Special cards to take an extra turn, double their own score, or reduce their opponent’s score. While 2-6 players are busy strategizing, scheming, and laughing, “Who’s Counting” reinforces operations, double-digit calculations, mental math, collaborative problem solving, and building constructive arguments. Built with the Common Core, use “Who’s Counting” with players of different ability levels by adjusting the rules and adding or removing operators and numbers from the deck.

Watch out, though. An encounter with the Green Goo could prove disastrous! Tell me more!»



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