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We’ve got a reputation ’round these parts, ya know.

Want to know what we’re all about? Here are some of our greatest hits.

Math Workshop

Summer Mathletes Camp” | Lakewood Sentinel | April 2015 | Details about our summer camps, our philosophy, and some of our newest partnerships.

Numbers game: Program makes math fun for kids” | Canyon Courier | August 2014 | An article that summarizes our mission and strategy for improving math education.

Getting Into the Math Habit” | Lakewood Sentinel | July 2014 | An article about our Summer Workshop series for the summer of 2014.

Cubicle Cats” | Best Friends Magazine | December 2012 | Our furry feline coworkers, Zelda and Slippers, are featured in this article.

Local Teacher Publishes Educational Math Game” | Pipestone County Star | February 2012 | A piece detailing our popular game “Who’s Counting” and the game’s creator.

Who Says Math Can’t Be Fun?” | | February 2012 | An interview with our very own CEO Debra Hansen.

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